Things to Know About North Carolina Workers Comp Settlements

Settling a workers compensation claim in North Carolina may not be what an injured worker desires. However, there are some things to know about North Carolina workers comp settlements and why some people choose settlement as an option.

Why Some People Choose the Settlement Option

After an injury on the job, a worker may feel that he or she will never get the compensation deserved. For some, it may seem that it will take forever. Injured workers find themselves in dire financial straits after being out of work for a while. They become so desperate for money that if the employer’s workers comp insurer offers a settlement, the worker may feel that settling for any amount is better than a downward financial spiral. As a result, the worker settles for a lump sum which in the long-term could be a costly mistake.

Lump Sum Payments Put an End to the Claim

These lump sum settlements in North Carolina are known as clincher agreements and effectively result in no more funds from the insurer for a specific claim once the settlement is paid. The problem with such an arrangement is that when an individual is badly injured, he or she may incur future medical costs as a result of the injury that was the reason for the claim. What if the money from the lump sum runs out and the injured person still requires medical treatments? This is why a claimant should consult with workers comp attorneys at Ricci Law Firm, P.A. who are knowledgeable of how North Carolina’s Workers Compensation program works.

Workers Comp Should Cover Expenses and Treatment as the Law Allows

Workers comp is designed to compensate an injured worker for a specified period when he or she is unable to work as well as cover the cost of treatment. According to North Carolina’s Department of Labor, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure that the insurance company under which the employer is covered pays the injured worker in accordance with the Workers Compensation Act.

A Workers Comp Lawyer Can Help

An injured worker who is having difficulty getting timely workers compensation payments in North Carolina should not have to settle for less. The laws are there to protect the worker, but workplace injuries can overwhelm families and employees may not fully understand their rights to compensation and medical care. An attorney familiar with North Carolina Workers Comp laws can make sure injured workers are treated fairly.

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