Barry Spalding – Divorce 101

Helping men who are going through divorce find the resources, information, and guidance they need

Who Is Barry Spalding, and Why Does He Want to Help You?

Most people already know that divorce is a messy and emotional time for everyone involved. Even family members of those who are going through a divorce will be affected. Men have a particularly rough time with divorce, and many men don’t get a chance to have their voices heard.

I’m Barry Spalding, and after going through a divorce, I’ve decided to help other guys deal with the divorce process. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a legal professional. Yet through my experience, I’ve learned a lot about the divorce process and other related family law matters. I am dedicated to helping other men overcome their divorces, so that they won’t have to go through what I went through.

Why Divorce Can Affect Men Most

Men like to think they are tough, but divorce can hit us hard. In some states, men’s concerns are overlooked. There are many programs out there for women and single mothers, but not many for men. The more you learn about your state’s laws as they pertain to family issues, the better chance you have of receiving a more favorable outcome to your family law matter.

What Are Some Issues that Come up During or After Divorce?

Relationships are tough, and whether you wanted the divorce or not, the process is going to be difficult. It can be made easier, though, if you know what to expect. Here are a few issues that come up during or after divorce:

  • Will I be forced to pay spousal support?
  • How does the court decide child custody?
  • Can I modify a child custody agreement?
  • What are grandparents’ rights?
  • What are a father’s rights?
  • Can my ex take our children out of the state?
  • How is property and debt divided in my state?
  • What is joint custody?
  • How does spousal support affect my taxes?
  • How can I modify a child support order?
  • Can I request visitation with my children even though I have a history of substance abuse?
  • How does domestic violence affect child custody?

Barry Spalding: Divorce Guru

I’m Barry Spalding, and I’m here to help you get through your divorce and come out the other end without losing your sanity or your optimism. Here you will find tips, advice, and resources to get you through one of the most challenging times in a man’s life.