Is it Legal to Use Speakerphone While Driving in NY?

Sometimes, you need to make a call, even if you’re on the road. Whether it’s an emergency that has you heading to the hospital, or if it’s a frantic reminder to turn the oven off, you might need to make a call. Unfortunately, that can turn into an expensive call if a police officer spotted you.

Now, you might be facing a ticket, but you were on speakerphone. While New York has laws against texting or talking and driving, what about speakerphone? You weren’t touching your phone, after all. If you were on speakerphone when you were pulled over, you might need an NY attorney on your side.

Distractions are Still Distractions

In many states, you can expect to get into a little trouble if an officer sees you on your phone at all. Because texting and talking while driving causes so many accidents, officers often would rather give you a ticket than let you drive unsafely.

Distracted driving still means you’re distracted, even if you’re using speakerphone. While using speakerphone frees up your hands and lets you talk and hold on to the wheel, an officer might notice you. If you’re showing any signs of distracted driving, they may go ahead and pull you over, even if cell phone use is legal.

As such, you can expect an officer to pull you over if they believe you’re driving recklessly. This may include weaving in your lane, running a stop signal, or changing lanes without a signal.

New York’s Hand-Held Ban

New York’s hand-held band doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily receive a ticket for using your phone on speaker. Instead, New York bans hand-held devices and their use, which can be a major distraction. You’ll need both hands on the wheel to make quick decisions on the road. When you don’t, an officer may choose to pull you over.

Talking isn’t illegal, though, and if you’re hands-free, you may not have to worry about breaking a law. Bluetooth devices or an earbud with a microphone could save you a lot of trouble and expense. Just be sure you’re not covering both ears, since you’ll need your hearing to drive safely.

Otherwise, however, you may be safe to drive and talk. You’ll simply need to take care and avoid a ticket.

Avoiding a Ticket

So, when you’re driving and need to make a quick call, what’s the best method to do so? Often, the best way is to let another person dial while you pay attention to the road. When you’re alone, however, driving with speakerphone is your safest option.

Keep in mind, however, that you can be pulled over for dialing, too. If you’re caught using your phone behind the wheel in a way that takes your attention off the road like that, an officer can pull you over. So, keep your eyes on the road and put your phone on speaker if you need to talk.

How a Traffic Ticket Attorney Can Help

It can be tough to recover after a traffic ticket. While talking on the phone while driving might seem like a small infraction, it can come with a high price. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to fight back.

If you’re accused of talking while driving, since you were using speakerphone, you may have a chance to get that ticket dismissed. Taking your traffic ticket to court can be intimidating, but dealing with points on your license and a traffic ticket is trouble you’ll want to avoid.

So, reach out and get help from an NYC cell phone ticket lawyer. While using speakerphone isn’t necessarily illegal, you can still be pulled over for distracted driving if you’re driving recklessly. So, get the help you need before you fight back.

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