How Nashville’s Busy Streets Lead to Car Crashes

Road accidents can occur when you least expect them, and regrettably, lots of them are fatal or cause serious injuries. The growth of Nashville in recent years has led to the building of footpaths, sidewalks, and other areas for pedestrians close to roadways. Although exploring the city on foot is an excellent way to take in its sights and sounds, drivers frequently overlook pedestrian’s rights and pose a risk to people in the vicinity. Davidson County and Nashville have had more road accidents than any other parts of Tennessee.

Pedestrians and Traffic

If you have ever attempted to cross a road in Nashville during the busiest time of day, you know how dangerous it is. Even in areas allocated to pedestrians, drivers do not always observe traffic rules or watch for people traveling by foot.

While pedestrians should do anything they can to keep themselves safe, it is not always possible to anticipate the actions of motorists. Places are particularly problematic where pedestrians and cars share roadways, like intersections and crosswalks, bus stops, and exits to parking lots.

Indeed, road accidents can arise almost anywhere that footpaths and sidewalks are near to traffic – and the consequences can be severe for pedestrians. ‘Road rash’, big bruises, brain and spinal injuries, shattered bones, and even fatal accidents can occur from a vehicle hitting a vulnerable pedestrian.

Worse still, many pedestrians who fall victim to irresponsible motorists are senior citizens or children. It is vital to understand how Nashville’s busy streets lead to car crashes, so that those who visit this wonderful city can avoid unnecessary risks. The main accident causes are as follows:

  • Driving while intoxicated
    • Motorists who drink alcohol or take drugs before getting behind the wheel have impaired reactions, which can affect their ability to make decisions on the road.
  • Driving while distracted
    • Having a telephone conversation, sending texts, taking photos, browsing social media, or attempting to read a map can all cause road accidents. Eating, fiddling with the radio, putting makeup on, or combing hair can be equally as hazardous, too.
  • Driving too fast
    • Many motorists are in a hurry to reach their destination, so they drive too aggressively or break speed limits.
  • Driving while drowsy
    • Motorists who drive when they are tired, or who fail to take breaks during long journeys, often cause severe accidents.
  • Road problems
    • Lane striping with poor visibility, potholes, and a missing hard shoulder can result in accidents.
  • Disregarding the rules for drivers
    • This includes motorists who pay no attention to stop signs or red lights, who do not give way when they should do, and who fail to indicate.

Lots of traffic laws exist, which are intended to protect the safety of pedestrians and motorists, however some drivers have no consideration for the other vehicles and people they share the roads with. Motorists ought to be held accountable for the often-appalling injuries and fatalities they inflict on people who travel by foot. And, although it might involve complex legal arguments, pedestrians who are injured in Tennessee might be entitled to monetary compensation for the impact that their injuries have on them. Attorneys like Raybin & Weissman, P.C. aim to make Nashville a city where pedestrians and motorists can coexist safely in every area.

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