Hurt in a Car Accident. What Comes Next?

Auto wrecks can happen at any moment, but even though we know that we don’t always plan for it. Most people have an idea that they are supposed to call the police after an accident, but they probably don’t know what to do beyond that. This page is meant to give you some guidance on what to do after involvement in a vehicle collision.

Contact the Police

Most auto wrecks facilitate the need for the police to put in an appearance. If it’s a very minor crash then it might not be necessary, but you should be cautious and contact them anyway. The police serve a few purposes: 1) performing life-saving tasks, 2) documenting the scene, and 3) gathering evidence.

Get Medical Help

After an injury car accident you should seek medical attention, even if you don’t think you were seriously injured. You can’t be sure that you weren’t injured, as some injuries don’t show up for several days.

Make sure that you document all your medical injuries and doctor visits. Later, this information becomes important in proving your injuries and damages.

Document Your Injuries and Damages

Medical documentation can be important in proving your case, but you should document all your damages. This includes property damage, lost time from work, and even your non-economic damages, such as the pain and suffering you’ve undergone.

All of this documentation is useful in proving your case, but also can be used when calculating the value of your auto wreck settlement.

Gather Evidence

Another important step to undertake after you’ve been hurt in a car crash is evidence collection. Your attorney and the police will assist with this step, but you can help as well. It will be necessary to interview witnesses, take photos and videos of the car crash scene, and make note of all other evidence that you can find.

Remember, the more evidence you have the more solid your case is. The more solid your case is the more likely you are to be paid fair compensation for this accident.

Call an Auto Injury Lawyer

Attempting to handle an auto wreck case on your own is not often the best idea. Claims are complicated and dealing with insurance companies can be a nightmare. Also, there’s no reason not to get a lawyer. Many attorneys work on contingency fees, so you don’t even pay them until after your case has been won.

Here’s a car accident lawyer in Chicago who can likely help you with your case.

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Why are Florida Drivers So Bad?

Unfortunately, visitors to the Sunshine State often ask themselves, why are Florida drivers so bad? There are a number of reasons for this. The latest research carried out by SmartAsset confirms that Florida state ranks among the country’s worst, when it comes to driving. To begin with, 2.17 motorists out of 1000 are charged with DUI offenses. Moreover, 26.7 percent of Florida’s motorists are uninsured – one of the highest rates nationwide. This means that insured motorists might have to shoulder the cost of, or use their own insurance policies to cover, accidents they didn’t cause. The research also showed that Florida residents Google ‘traffic tickets’ and ‘speeding tickets’ more than other states.

In Florida, there is a large elderly population and no vehicle inspections, and the state driving test has been criticized for being too easy. In addition, highways are often being repaired, speed limits are usually regarded as optional, and the high number of drivers on the roads results in lots of congestion. This is why many residents require the services of a Boca Raton car crash lawyer. Sometimes, the roads are invaded by unwelcome visitors too, such as stray wildlife (like turkeys or alligators) or intoxicated students.

One positive statistic is that deaths have reduced by thirty-three percent over the past twenty-four years. There are roughly 1.47 deaths over every 100,000,000 miles driven on Florida’s roads. In 2016, nearly 3200 traffic related deaths were recorded. Also, although Florida’s drink driving record is quite high in comparison to other states, this is much more common elsewhere in the country. The DUI rate per 1000 motorists in South and North Dakota is over eleven. However, these states rank higher than Florida overall for road safety, due to the lower death rates and larger percentage of insured motorists.

Florida was one of the five Southern states that appeared in the top ten list of states with terrible drivers. In many cases, Southern states had lower vehicle insurance rates and higher death rates. This data has been published as officials in Tampa Bay continue to debate how to finance transportation enhancements. The Transport Department in Florida is considering a regional transport viability plan, which proposes a forty-one mile route for buses connecting Wesley Chapel with downtown Saint Petersburg, through Interstate 275. In the meantime, residents will vote in a November ballot on whether to increase Hillsborough County sales taxes by one percent, to pay for transit and transportation upgrades.

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California Wrongful Death Claim 101

If you’ve lost a loved one due to the actions of another. It doesn’t matter whether the actions of the defendant in your case were intentional or negligent- if it wasn’t for the actions of the defendant, your family member would still be with you today. Below we discuss the ins and outs of California wrongful death laws so that you can prepare yourself for your the claims process.

Filing Within The Statute Of Limitations

First and foremost, you need to make sure that you file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out in your case. The time limit for a wrongful death claim in California is two years from the date of the decedent’s passing.

If you do not pursue your claim within the statute of limitations, you will be unable to have your case heard in court, and you will not be able to recover compensation for the damages both you and your deceased loved one endured.

Who Can Pursue A Claim?

California laws regarding who can file a wrongful death claim are very strict. The following entities may be able to pursue a claim under the appropriate circumstances:

  • The decedent’s surviving spouse, children, or domestic partner
  • The decedent’s surviving parents or siblings
  • The decedent’s stepchildren
  • The decedent’s putative spouse or children

The surviving spouse, children and/or domestic partner of the deceased will be the first parties entitled to file a claim first. If none of these parties are in the decedent’s line of descent, then anyone who might inherit the deceased’s property and assets would be able to file a claim, such as the deceased’s parents or siblings.

Also, those family members who can demonstrate financial dependance on the deceased such as the decedent’s stepchildren, putative spouse, or children of the putative spouse will also be able to pursue a wrongful death claim. The term putative refers to an assumed, but not by-law binding, marriage between the deceased and other person.

Damages That Can Be Recovered

There are two different ways that damages are categorized in a California wrongful death claim: those that the decedent suffered or would have sought in a personal injury claim, and those that the family suffered upon the death of their loved one.

The losses of the deceased might include lost wages and damage to their earning potential, medical bills accrued due to their injuries, and funeral and burial costs.

Damages that will be attributed to the surviving family members pursuing the wrongful death claim would include the loss of financial support, the loss of companionship and love, the loss of household services, and  the loss of community and guidance.

Your attorney will be able to go over all of the losses that could be considered when calculating the value of your claim to ensure no damage is unaccounted for.

Speak With A California Wrongful Death Lawyer

If you have additional questions about how to go about filing a wrongful death claim, reach out to the wrongful death lawyers of Dickson Kohan & Bablove today. Your attorney will work to secure the compensation you need to pick up the pieces of your life.

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