Can You Modify a Spousal Support Order?

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Most people who are going through a divorce wonder whether they will have to pay spousal support, especially if they were the provider for the family. Spousal support was designed with the intention of evening out the financial playing field after a marriage ends. Spousal support is ordered to maintain the status quo until both parties are able to support themselves.

Depending on the length of a marriage, spousal support can be temporary or long-term. For example, for some couples who were married for a short time, the spousal support might be ordered for a year or less following the divorce. Other couples might deal with spousal support for the rest of their lives, though this later example is rare.

If you’ve been ordered by the court to provide spousal support, you might be wondering how long your spousal support will last and whether you can modify a spousal support order.

Reasons to Modify a Spousal Support Order

There are many reasons that a person might need to modify an order for spousal support. Suppose you lose your job and don’t have the money to pay your ex. This would be a good reason to modify a spousal support order. 

Or, what if you hear that your ex just landed a high paying job or remarried? You will probably want the court to revisit the need for spousal support or at least lower your payments due to the fact that your ex is now more self-sufficient. 

Modifying an Order for Spousal Support

Plenty of reasons exist for modifying a spousal support order, so here’s some information as to how to do it. Every state will have a slightly different process for modifying spousal support orders, but the basic steps are outlined below: 

  • Complete the required court forms and file them with the court.
  • Set up a court date.
  • Serve your ex with court papers showing them the court date and explaining that you are requesting a modification to your spousal support order.
  • File the proof of service.
  • Show up to the court hearing and explain to the judge why you believe your spousal support order should be modified.
  • The judge will make a decision, and you should follow any new court order.

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